Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Xbox 360 Repair - E74 Error Tips

In this article you are going to learn some of the best Xbox 360 repair e74 error tips. The e74 problem is one of the Adsl Availability common system errors on the Xbox 360 platform, along with the now infamous red ring of death error. Discover what the basic process is for fixing your Xbox broadband accelerator what causes the problem in the first place, as Free Broadband as how you can get step-by-step videos to show you exactly how to fix your console.

The basic process for Xbox 360 repair isn't actually that complicated. Basically, to fix the e74 error, you will need to open up your console's case then. remove the motherboard which has all of the components such as the video card attached to it. On the underside of the motherboard are Streamyx Tmnet Streamyx X shaped clamps. These must be re-tightened using a screwdriver. Also, the video scaler (HANA/ANA) chip will probably need to be inspected as well for signs of damage. This little chip forms part of the video system, and may need to be secured back into place, as well as have the heat sink removed and cleaned off.

What could cause so much catastrophic damage to your Xbox 360 that the e74 error is able to develop? The cause of this problem is actually something common with most powerful electronic devices- overheating. Basically, heat is able to build up inside your Xbox 360 due to a lack of cooling devices, as well as a adsl provider case layout which means that air cannot circulate around inside.

Over time, this heat causes metal parts in your console to expand, and then when the console cools down, they contract. This makes them brittle, and eventually causes them to fail. This then causes malfunctions on your Xbox 360, one of the most common being the e74 error that you are now trying to repair.

Repairing the e74 problem on your Xbox 360 can be quite a daunting task, unless you have video repair instructions to give you a step-by-step guide of exactly what to do. The only way you can get this type of video instruction is to get an Xbox 360 repair guide, which will contain all of the instructional information you need to be able to fix your console. You can get one of these Xbox 360 repair guides online, in digital download format, to help you fix the e74 system error on your console.

Fixing your Xbox 360 console yourself by using an Xbox 360 repair guide is definitely worth it, as you can be gaming again quickly and will feel a huge sense of accomplishment when you see your console working again.. Click the link to learn more about an easy step-by-step Xbox360 e74 fix and repair guide that will allow you to carry out Xbox 360 repair e74 error in the comfort of your own home.

Read free customer reviews on the top repair product, get a quality free video sample and learn how to fix e74 Xbox. Don't put up with a broken Xbox 360 any longer- it can be a thing of the past.

James Philipson has been involved in the electronics industry for over 10 years and has repaired more than 30 Xbox 360 consoles since the platform's release over two years ago. He is well regarded in the Xbox 360 repair industry.

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