Monday, September 14, 2009

Cash in From F1 - The Monsoon in Malaysia!

The 2nd race of the 2009 Formula Bonded Adsl season saw the cars start the race with rain threatened, and in true Malaysian style, when it came it came in buckets. You can use this race to generate online profits, and here's how...

Formula 1 is a funny old sporting thing - it is often criticised as being too boring, but yet is also touted as the pinnacle of motorsport, the most glamorous. Whichever way you view it, there is no doubt Streamx there is big money involved.

Just check the prices of race day tickets, or replica team shirts and you'll see what I mean.

This is great news for those broadband phone company to make a profit - you can send traffic to sites that sell F1 related goods, and earn commissions from anyone making a purchase. The key to making this affiliate model work is traffic, and the way I like to generate traffic is simply to write about sport.

Go to any homepage and click the 'sport' tab and you'll see an Tm Streamyx Malaysia supply of information and opinion to devour, and F1 is a ravenous market for information.

This season has started with lots of gossip to write about, particularly surrounding the new Brawn Team. They have won the first 2 races, and came to this season so late in the day that they had never tested the new car in the wet, and that's certainly what they got in Malaysia.

This year's race was started later in the day local time to cater for TV markets, but locals warned that this risked catching a downpour which could stop the race.

Although the rain held off for a long time, when it did come it was so torrential that the race had to be stopped. Not idea at all, and questions really need to be asked about the local timing of the race next year.

Nevertheless the action and post race opinions allow us to generate traffic which can then be used to make profit, so you can see how the monsoon in Malaysia can be used for online profit.

Gordon Bryan is a writer and sports fan from the UK. He loves the fact that he earns money online by just writing about sport, and can show you how to do *exactly* the same at his site:

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