Monday, August 10, 2009

How to Carry Out an Xbox 360 Red Ring Fix

The Tmnet Streamyx Cheap Broadband Package genting+kl ring Dish Network Satellite Internet a malfunction Broadband Isp the Xbox 360 that is rather common. It can mean one of two things. You shouldn't worry, as you can fix both of them.

Microsoft's Xbox 360 has a built in system that uses the Broadband Connection lights around the broadband australia button to indicate a general idea of what is wrong with the console. This allows technicians and users to identify the problem faster and thus, making the repair easier.

There are 4 lights around the start button, forming a circle, and they are usually green. Few users know that they can turn red until they get one of the four red light malfunctions.

The Xbox 360 red ring can be a true full ring. This means that all four of the green lights around the start button turn red. This also prevents your Xbox 360 video game console from working, so, you won't be able to play games or DVDs. This is because you're Dsl Internet Service cable isn't working.

One way to carry out this Xbox 360 red ring fix is to disconnect and reconnect the A/C cable. This usually works if the problem malaysia guide that the cable wasn't properly connected. Another quick Xbox 360 red ring fix is to clean the ends of the A/C cable clean of dust and debris. Sometimes, leaving your Xbox 360 on the same place for a long time causes it to accumulate dust that will eventually block contact between cables and other components.

Finally, another Xbox 360 red ring fix is to use a different A/C cable. While this might be easy for technicians who have plenty of spare parts around, it might not be easy for the average user. In that case, your best bet is to borrow one from a friend who has a working Xbox 360 video game console. If this works, then you know that you can buy a new A/C cable for yourself. Don't keep your friend's cable, it will just create bad ill and you'll lose a friend whom you can trade games with.

The Xbox 360 red ring can also refer to the so called "red ring of death." This means that only 3 of the green lights turn red, so it's not a complete ring. Nevertheless, it's a much more common and famous hardware malfunction. It means that some internal part of your Xbox 360 console is malfunctioning.

In order to perform an Xbox 360 red ring fix for this, you need to get the information available at Xbox 360 fix guide.

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