Monday, August 10, 2009

Carnival of the Mobilists #159

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If you have a broken Xbox 360 with one lower red flashing light on best internet radio right hand side normally accompanied with text on the screen then you probably have the Xbox 360 setup streamyx connection error. This error is fairly similar to the notorious 3 red lights error which is caused in much the same way which is overheating, the only difference being the parts of the motherboard that have been affected.

With the 3 red lights error it is the GPU and the CPU are actually overheat, but with the E74 error you will normally find that it is the scaler chip at the back which watch movies on the internet with all the display on the console. You really have two different choices to fix the Xbox and that is to send it away to have it repaired by compare broadband packages or of course you can repair it yourself from home if you find yourself a good Xbox 360 repair guide.

There are a few about online and if you make sure you get a good one with a preview of the videos that you will be getting and also a complete guarantee then you should be up and running in no time. A good idea is to make sure you test out the customer service to be sure that they answer your ipoh airport in a satisfactory manner and also you can get a good idea of the response time that you will encounter. I hope this article has told you a bit more about the Xbox 360 E74 error and that you get your console fixed soon!

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