Sunday, May 17, 2009

New From the FCC

New From kuala lumpar FCCSource: Federal Communications Commission+ FCC Increases Consumer Choice dsl internet service Speeding Number Portability (PDF; 372 KB KB)+ FCC Requires VoIP Providers to Notify Consumers of Plans to Discontinue charter internet (PDF; 284 KB)+ New Translator Service Can Help TV Stations Correct Signal Loss Caused by Digital Transition (PDF; 224 KB)

The tmnet stremyx 360 dsl internet rings of death error indicate general hardware failure. streamyx down 2008 need not panic if you were to see the dreaded red lights forex malaysia on your Xbox 360 console. There are some simple ways available to fix the error. In fact you can fix the problem on your own quite easily. Here are some simple methods using which you can fix the Xbox 360 red rings of death error and continue enjoying your favorite games.

1. The Xbox 360 x-clamp repair is one effective method to fix the Xbox 360 red rings of death error. You broadband providers ratings need to open up the console though in this method. After you do so, you will need to remove the 'x-clamps' that you can find at the bottom of the motherboard. If you were to replace these clamps with simple bolts and washers, the pressure applied on the motherboard would be more even. One need not be a technical genius to try out this method. Almost anyone can try this method with the help of some simple household tools. This is one sure fire way to get rid of the dreaded Xbox 360 red rings of death from your gaming device.

2. The second method involves using towels to wrap up the console. The Ethernet, AV and USB cables located at the back of the consoles should be first unplugged as the first step in this method. The gaming device is then wrapped up using towels. The power supply to the console is kept turned on. The towels are unwrapped after about 20 minutes. This is one of the simplest Xbox 360 red rings of death fix available, that almost anyone can try.

The internet radio rock behind this method is that by overheating the system, some of the solder joints, that are present on the motherboard, that could have bent out of shape or cracked , would get realigned, helping to fix the error.

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