Monday, May 18, 2009

5 Reasons Why You Should Take Your Internet Marketing Campaign Mobile - Now!

1) You need to take your internet campaign mobile because that's where your best broadband isp are - and where your competition is going to be (if they are not there already!).
Seriously - stop and think about this for a moment - do you think your customers spend more time on their computer or their mobile compare broadband package Do they take their computer to test your internet speed grocery store? Out to dinner? To the office? Nope - that's their mobile phone in their pocket...not their PC!

2) Brick and Mortar businesses are already there - in big numbers!
The truth is this...most internet marketers are behind the curve on this trend. Brick and Mortar businesses are adopting this new medium at a fast pace - every day another major brand jumps on the hottest, newest form of advertising - Mobile Text Messaging! (American Idol, NBC, Starbucks, Gap, New York Times, Pizza Hut, Google, The Weather Channel, Coca-Cola - these are just a few examples of big companies and organizations utilizing mobile text broadcast to reach their audiences - and the list will only get longer! President-Elect Barack Obama used text messaging in putrajaya kuala lumpur presidential campaign as an integral part of his strategy!

Recent statistics show that more than 100 million Americans viewed a Mobile Ad in Q3 of 2008!! 60% of these ads were TEXT ADS - and that's a whopping 42% increase in this advertising medium in just 9 months!

4) Text messaging is a highly personal communications tool.
It is the most effective way to involve consumers and deliver time-sensitive messages - better than email, radio, TV or print. It's your most direct link to your customers:
  • Mobile is available virtually everywhere

  • 84% of Americans have cell phones

  • Around 50 billion text messages are sent every single month

  • It's an extension of the Internet and all its high speed dialup applications

  • It's a adsl broadband modem tool for connecting with your customers...wherever they are!

  • People take their mobile phones everywhere they go!
  • 5) Mobile can broadband suppliers and increase the effectiveness of any marketing campaign -
    email, print, web, radio or TV. Using double opt-in broadcast mobile text - you can easily make your subscribers far more aware of all of your internet streamyx marketing campaigns - print, TV, web & radio - making sure you get the maximum bang out of each dollar you spend!

    Mobile Text Ads - the fastest growing advertising medium in the world! Shouldn't you be taking YOUR internet marketing mobile?

    Melody Wigdahl is a serial entrepreneur, life long geek, and marketing junkie. She loves to stay on top of new trends and the latest technology for internet marketers. Get her new free report "Mobile Marketing for Internet Marketers" at

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