Sunday, September 20, 2009

12 Consumer Products That Should Not Have Exploded But Did

Image via WikipediaIn honor of April Fools, I give you internet dangers dozen consumer products (and one nuclear battleship) that should not have exploded but unfortunately did. Or, in the case of the ship, could. These are all true. (Except for the last one.) As usual, the joke is on the hapless consumer.1. Electrolux Vacuum Cleaner

Many people are unaware that their shiny new PS3 can be much more than just a gaming console. If you are already in awe of your PS3, then you must be in for more pleasant surprises if you were internet speed optimizer hear this. From playing music to watching movies, you can do a lot of things once you install Linux on PS3. Let us look at some of the advantages that come along with the installation.

1. Once you install Linux on PS3, it allows it to play WMV, RM and QUICK TIME files, which otherwise are not detected by a PS3. What this in turn means is that you can now watch all your favorite movies and listen to your favorite music albums on your PS3.

2. You can also view web pages using Mozilla Firefox once you install Linux.

3. You can use the PS3 to create, as well as print word documents, once you install this open source software.

4. Once you install Linux on PS3, your gaming console doubles up as your PC. In fact you get to have a Media Centre and PC in one device, once you install the operating system.

5. The entire process to install Linux on PS3 is also simple. You need not be a technical genius in order to install this operating system on your gaming console. Basic software installation knowledge is more than enough for you to install the operating system.

6. The entire process to install Linux on PS3 has become a lot simpler, thanks to the numerous guides available these days. You can easily find one online, after a simple search over leading search engines. All that you need to do is to follow the step by step instructions given on these guides in order to install Linux in your gaming console.

If you are someone looking for detailed information on installing Linux on your PS3, the internet is the best option available to Streamyx Hotline My Friend installed it easily, Check out how you can install Linux on PS3 by following a simple step by step process.

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