Tuesday, July 28, 2009

How to Fix Red Ring of Death on Xbox 360 - In Less Than 1 Hour!

Don't make the mistake I made! To start off with, I could not believe it when I got these red rings of death, there I was at home streamyx prolink my happy little gaming world and all of a sudden...nothing! Just a frozen screen and this nasty red ring brunei malaysia my xbox 360 where it was normally green! So immediately on brunei malaysia Microsoft to see how to fix red ring of death on xbox 360 and they tell me "sure no problem ship your xbox 360 back to us and we will fix it for you...for $190!

Needless to say that was not happening! My next stop was my ever trustworthy PC, so I type in "HOW TO FIX RED RING OF DEATH ON XBOX 360" and what came back to me was millions of answers and all claiming they could show me how to do it for free!! I even watched some useless supposed to be YouTube videos named "how to fix red ring of death on xbox 360" but of course none of them worked and my xbox kept on getting worse! One guy even advised me to wrap my xbox 360 in a towel and get a hair dryer going at it to heat up the system! If you take only one piece of advice from this article let it be this DON'T WRAP YOUR XBOX IN A TOWEL OR USE A HAIR DRYER ON IT!

After the hair dryer episode I called Microsoft back and asked them again how to fix red ring of death on xbox 360 and they told me that it's actually not that difficult to fix the problem if you have a Professionally made Video guide to follow along to. So, back on to my PC and sure enough I found one and I'm not joking here in under an hour I was back gaming, I could have saved myself alot of time and anguish had I just bought the professional video guide at the start, but as they say you live and learn, and that is the reason for this article on "how to fix xbox 360 red ring of death"...so you my fellow gamers do not make the same mistakes as me!

I hope you found my article "How To Fix Red Ring Of Death On Xbox 360...In less Than 1 Hour!" helpful, it's a problem that plagued me for days until i found a Professional Guide with a 60% discount, step by step video tutorial to follow along to and a bunch of bonuses and was back gaming in under an hour! Satellite Broadband can visit the site by CLICKING HERE!

Happy Gaming!

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We didn't streamyx jumper Vodafone UK still had the stones to launch a non-3G smartphone in 2009, so color us a little shocked with this one. A computer network support ad lends plenty of credibility to the rumor that the Broadband Tv will be joining T-Mobile USA in launching RIM's latest entry-level QWERTY handset, the 8520 -- and as the print states, these guys expect to be selling it at an "affordable price." CrackBerry claims we could see this one in August (which is when T-Mobile will be launching it, too), so if you're a Brit with a hankering for optical d-pads and BES, hang tight.

BlackBerry 8520 coming to Vodafone UK, too originally appeared on Engadget Mobile on Sat, 25 Jul 2009 13:11:00 EST. Please see our terms for use of feeds.

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