Sunday, July 26, 2009

Erase Internet History

When you browse the Internet, your browser does certain things to make it easier for you to move around the Internet. You may not be aware but the truth is that several files are streamyx contact number on your computer during such browsing sessions. Your browser is responsible for such storage. On the hard drive of your computer, temporary files and browsing histories are two large storage areas that you need to wireless internet laptop to keep your browsing history away from the prying eyes of others.

Before getting into the details of erasing Internet history, it will be useful to know what exactly these temporary files and browsing histories are. Cache files are counted as temporary files. These could be some pictures that your browser stores to make it easier to access them Dish Network Satellite Internet case you require them again. On the other hand, Internet Tutorial record of the web pages that you have visited is stored under browsing histories to make it easier for you to return to them.

Though the temporary files and browsing histories do you no harm, they are potential threats to your privacy as anyone Broadband Internet Service see what you have been doing online by using them. Moreover, these files and browsing histories also eat up a lot of space on your computer. That is the reason why you should erase Internet history. Here's how you can do it:

For Internet Explorer:

From the Tools menu, choose "Internet Options". When the Internet Options window opens, click on the "General" tab. If you want to delete cached files, select the button marked "Delete" in the Browsing section. A window will appear cheap internet calls you can see many sections like Cookies, Temporary Internet Files, Passwords, Form Data and History. To erase some selected files, you can click the matching buttons from this section. However, if you wish to erase all the files at one go, look for the "Delete All" or "Clear History" button which usually is located at the bottom of the browser window. adsl connection speed you find this button, click on it to erase Internet history.

For Firefox:

If you use Mozilla Firefox, erasing your browser history will be a cakewalk that you can accomplish in a shaw high speed internet seconds. Select "Tools" at first and then click on "Clear Private Data". In the window that opens, you will find different sections named Cookies, Browsing History, Saved Form, Search History and Saved Passwords. If you want to erase only a few items from this list, check the corresponding boxes next to your preferred items. However, if you want to erase the entire browsing history of yours, click the button marked "Clear Private Data Now".

For AOL (America Online):

Find the "Settings" button at the top section of your browser window. Click on it and then select "Preferences". Next, pick "toolbar and sounds" and then click the "clear history trail now" button to erase Internet history.

In addition to the steps mentioned above, you should also erase the third party applications that satellite internet connection text, images, passwords and some other sensitive data in different places of your hard drive. As finding and deleting these files are not easy, you can use some software to do the task.

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