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Ten Reasons to Consider Malaysia as Your Second Home

Malaysia has an active and government back policy of positive immigration and as a result it is a nation attracting serious interest from international citizens seeking a superior, low tax, high quality lifestyle destination tmnet streamyx malaysia which to live, work or retire.

Here are the top ten reasons why, if you havent already, you might like to consider Malaysia as your second home country ?its the right place tm streamyx anyone seeking a streamyx internet world, sophisticated nation in which they can own freehold and affordable real estate pay little or no taxation legitimately and achieve a fantastic quality of life for all the family

1. Malaysia My Second Home Program (MM2H)

The ?b style="color:#000;background:#ffff66">Malaysia My Second Home Program?or MM2H as it is locally known, is the government backed positive immigration policy that allows those who qualify the right to live in Malaysia on a renewable, multiple entry ten year visa, to bring immediate family members to live with them under the terms of the scheme, to own freehold property in Malaysia, to import worldly goods and even a brand new car tax free, and to enjoy all the multiple benefits that Malaysia offers to its citizens both local and international. And thats not all?/p>

2. Streamyx Free

Those who satisfy the medical and financial requirements for residency in Malaysia under the MM2H scheme legally and legitimately avoid having to pay any form of income tax whatsoever in Malaysia on their internationally sourced income!

3. Education

In Malaysia there are 21 private universities, 17 public universities, 5 foreign universities, 500 private tertiary colleges, 32 international schools and thats before one gets into listing the Malaysian government funded educational establishments available!

Quite simply, education is highly prized and valued in Malaysia and as a direct result the quality of education available across the board is exceptionally high. There are over 40,000 foreign students tmnet streamyx account studying in the nation as a result, and those who relocate there under the MM2H program can of course take their children with them and privately educate them from primary age right through university and beyond.

4. Health Care

The standard and availability of medical services in Malaysia - especially in the main cities such as Kuala Lumpur - is exceptionally high. There are over 225 private hospitals as well as numerous private specialist clinics such as maternity clinics and respite care homes as well as some 121 government backed hospitals in Malaysia and almost all have the very latest in terms of equipment and facilities available for treating every kind of illness.

5. Infrastructure

The general infrastructure in the main cities, employment and residential hubs in Malaysia is first class and first world. New and upgraded motorways, road and rail networks, communications resources and general public amenities mean that living in the likes of Kuala Lumpur or Penang in Malaysia is like living in any other first world city in terms of the modernity of all available resources and essential infrastructure.

6. Exchange Rate

As Malaysia has an export driven economy it pays the government to keep its currency highly competitive which means that an international citizens dollars, pounds, euros or yen will go far further and buy far more in Malaysia.

7. Cost of Living

Add to this the fact that the cost of living in relative terms is so low in Malaysia, that petrol is heavily subsidised for example, eating out is simply cheap and that one can rent a city centre apartment for the same price as one a third of the size and less well located in the majority of European and North American cities and an average wage will make one feel very wealthy in Malaysia streamyx goes mobile an above average wage will allow anyone to have the lifestyle of a king!

8. Property

Apartments, town houses, beachside villas and streamyx speed test houses in city suburbs are all available for sale to foreign buyers. There are very few restrictions placed on foreign buyers in Malaysia in fact and because property prices are so low in comparison to Europe and America, one can buy so much more in Malaysia for the same price as a small family home elsewhere in the civilised world.

9. Natural Beauty

Whats more, as Malaysia is such a beautiful and diverse nation it has an incredibly strong tourism install streamyx meaning that well located properties can act as excellent investments with many buyers purchasing to let to the tourism market which is attracted by the stunning natural beauty of Malaysia.

Those who qualify for MM2H are allowed to buy up to two homes meaning that one can be bought for occupancy and one for holidays or investment elsewhere in Malaysia.

The natural beauty of the country alone also means that even if you dont think Malaysia is perfect for your second home country, it makes it a nation well worth taking an extended break in.

10. Friendly People

And finally while many nations purport to having some of the most welcoming citizens in the world who open their Streamyx and hearts to foreign visitors and citizens, Malaysia truly is a nation of the most friendly, welcoming, open and honest people you will ever meet who will make genuine friendships and establish long lasting bonds with the astute international citizens who decide to call Malaysia their second home.

Rhiannon Williamson writes about real estate investment worldwide. To read more about buying property in Malaysia click here.

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  1. Of great concern to many foreigners is the deep seated hatred towards non Muslims in Malaysia.
    The recent Christian church firebombings by Muslim extremist should be a warning sign to any foreigner that it's welcome is tentative.
    If you are Muslim, the "My second home" program is something to consider.
    If not...go at your own risk
    In addition the growing unrest of ethnic Chinese and Indians, who constitute 40 percent of the population but are treated
    differently by law from ethnic Malays is a reason for concern.
    As long as the government carves out special privileges for Muslim Ethnic Malays I don't see a very bright future for foreigners in Malaysia
    Think of a home as a 30 year investment Then ask yourself...when Malaysia gets to the point where it doens't need to rely on investment from "My Second Home" foreigners and a Malay wants the property your house sits on.....what then?? Could the government apply a new law that gives ethnic Malays first rights to property ownership over foreigners??
    In 1970 about 150 american retirees bought beachfront property in Baja Mexico and built their dreamhomes. Later the legalclaim to the land they thought they had purchased legally was challenged and they ended up being evicted....they lost expensive lesson.
    Compare that to the property laws in the United States where even illegal aliens can own and hold title to property just like US citizens. They may face deportation for their illegal alien status ...but nothing can jeopardize their rights as owners of property in the States. They can hold title, sell or will their property just like anyone else. Title insurance protects them against defective title and US law protects their rights to private property.
    Making an investment in a home is a long term move and it would be wise for anyone considering moving to another country just for a lower cost of living to carefully evaluate the stability of the country, the level of corruption, religious and ethnic tolerance, and equal protection under the law.
    Any one of those factors could end up costing you your investment

    In addition, the rules for the "second home" program seems to be changing. Originally a property owner was exempt from capital gains taxes on the property. New rules in effect in 2010 have done away with the exemption. Not sure if this applies retroactively or only to new investors