Thursday, May 7, 2009

Wii Fit Shakes Up the Gaming World

Kids love video games. But historically video games have been thought of as being "bad" for children because they encourage inactivity in Streamyx same way as watching television. Nintendo has revolutionized video games with their game console, the Nintendo Wii, which takes the best of video games and blends it with the best of physical games to create a whole new experience.

Many of the games are typical video games, but with the Wii remote (Nintendo's form of a controller) and Nunchuk, the games become interactive. Players are forced off the couch and have to stand, jump, move, and bend to play the games. One game that shows just how far video games have come since the days of Pong and Burger Time is Wii Fit. This is an exercise program Streamyx by Nintendo to help players get in shape, lose weight, and develop balance and muscle. The game comes with a Balance Board that tracks the player's movements to input data into the system.

When you first start the game, you're prompted to create a profile. You add your Streamyx birthday, and height, and the Balance Board measures your weight and center of balance. After performing your initial Body Test, you're assigned a "Wii Fit Age," which gives you a starting place. You can then enter a goal for your weight (including a time frame), and as you exercise, the game keeps track of your progress toward this goal. As you exercise, if you find your goal is too easy or too hard, it can easily be changed in your profile.

Many of the exercises used by Wii Fit are disguised as games such as balancing on a tightrope across two high buildings or shifting your weight on the balance board to get Streamyx balls into holes in a suspended platform. These games help make exercise more fun, and make players want to exercise instead of dreading it, as so many people do. And as you progress, more games and exercises are unlocked.

With the creation and development of the Nintendo Wii, video games no longer have to be the negative influence they once were. Gamers are forced to get up and get active in order to play the games, and instead of sitting like zombies for hours on end, they are almost as active as they would be playing a sport.

Wii Fit is only one example of the great games Nintendo has to offer that are breaking down stereotypes of video games. Since other system makers will surely follow suit in the future, it's only a matter of time before gamers will be as fit and active as members of sports teams, and the stigma of video games will be gone.

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