Sunday, May 3, 2009

The Malaysian Insider

The Malaysian Insider

Sometimes in our daily grind we come across a situation or a story that brings us back to our senses streamyx broadband lets us question our daily perspective. streamyx 2m ironical that my story came about some weeks ago when I was drowning under a pile streamyx slow paper in my classroom. The story was about a school that was failing and brought on board a new principal that went against the grain and within 2 years the school Streamyx turned around to be one of the top schools in the UK. Not a bad achievement I Streamyx think but how did he do it. Quite simply he brought teaching back broadband and streamyx teaching.

That's what teachers do it not?

Well... yes? ...that is what they used to do.

I left teaching for 14 years and returned just 5 years ago.
I returned to a profession that has become over-burdened with paperwork.

Teachers are becoming Business-Managers, they spend an inordinate amount of time on evaluations, projections and observations. They attend unimportant and irrelevant workshops and they have to take on board reform, changes in curriculum and are pushed to the limit with demands on their time. It's hard at a time like this to remember why we became teachers in the first place.

Was it because we saw ourselves as nurturers, guides, facilitators or even performers?

In reality we end up in Streamyx overload, never have enough time and the chore of being a teacher overtakes the joy of being a teacher. Expectations on teachers these days are high, but time, tools and resources are limited. We end up in a dilemma and compelled to serve so many Managers that frustration sets in and it's difficult to remember the reasons for entering teaching in the first place. We become over whelmed with new demands, standards, tests and darn forms and are left with no time to connect and care for the students.

When this happens the teacher feels that their fundamental purpose has been lost and they lose their effectiveness and commitment. How can we reclaim our heart for teaching for the sake of ourselves and our students? Personally I keep reminding myself of why I came back into teaching. It's because I honestly wanted to make a difference..

Think of how many times when people have achieved success in a certain area of their lives and asked what had propelled them forward ...more often than enough it was a certain teacher who had inspired them to achieve in a certain direction .

Call it egotistical, call it self -performing or exhibitionism, but I want to be one of those teachers. We come to a certain stage in our lives when we want to give back, teaching and inspiring others is my way of giving back. I want someone somewhere when being asked about their success and asked who inspired them to reply was Kathy Davison my teacher that inspired me.

It is then that I will truly remember why I'm here.

Kathy is a Personal and Professional Development Coach in A College In The UK. She also has a Successful online Business

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