Friday, May 15, 2009

Broadband Growth Speeds Back Up - Hey recession, you ain't so tough...

After a bumpy ride last year, the latest data from Leichtman Research shows that internet names twenty largest cable internet calls phone companies in the U.S. -- who comprise malaysia tour guide 94% of the total market -- acquired over 1.6 million net additional broadband customers in the first quarter of this year. That's 600,000 more than the fourth quarter of last year. While some estimates pegged telco gains at 55% of the market in Q1, Leichtman says the top cable companies added 52% of total subscribers last quarter. Still, AT&T topped all carriers with 359,000 new customers, while Comcast added 329,000, Verizon added 252,000, and Time Warner Cable added 225,000.
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Tiscali have been offering a wireless option to their broadband and TV packages now for about a year, allowing customers greater streamyx call center at home when connecting to the internet. I've many enquiries and questions about wireless which leads me to believe a lot of people out there are confused about wireless broadband. Let's try and sort out a malaysia tour misconception.

Wireless is high speed internet a type of broadband, it is not something 'different', it is just a means of connecting to various devices in the home or work place. All you need is a means of transmitting and receiving the broadband connection, the tiscali wireless options now available, provide you with an ADSL wireless router which gives you the option of wirelessly transmitting your broadband signal through your home.

Some great advantages; there's no need to be within arms length of the telephone socket and no need to have dangerous wires trailing across your home, it liberates you and allows you to place your computers anywhere in the home or office as long as there is a means of wirelessly receiving the broadband signal, which in most cases new laptops and desktop computers come with pre-installed hardware allowing Wi-Fi or wireless connections, if not these wireless adaptors can be bought at a very low cost and can be plugged into a free USB port.

Yes I did say 'computers' you can broadband tester as many as you like anywhere in your home! Well the limit is around 250 wireless connections so I would imagine most people would be more than covered. You can even enjoy broadband in your garden as the range of the wireless connection can extend beyond your bricks and mortar.

Don't let this worry you though, you can very easily configure tiscali wireless broadband with WEP security, a form of encryption that allows only you and your allowed devices streamyx malaysia to your wireless network, only you posses the key to your network. In a way, very much like locking the front door behind you. You can even add a few more locks and bolts to your networks 'door' by choosing WPA encryption which changes the password or key on the fly every half hour or so, this is all very easily implemented and comes effectively pre-configured, so the choice of security level is yours.

The Tiscali wireless options come at no extra cost essentially giving you a free ADSL wireless router, even existing customers can upgrade to the option and receive a free wireless router if you agree to renew your contract for a further 12 klang valley malaysia not a bad deal considering these products if purchased in the high street could fetch anywhere in the region of 50 to 80!

So all in all in terms of ease of use and of course price, I highly web commerce tiscali wireless broadband when looking for a wireless option to connect to the internet.

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