Sunday, April 26, 2009

Satellite Internet on Your Boat

One of the great pleasures of owning a boat is being able to streamyx promo away from the daily grind for a while. Out on the water, you have a sense of freedom and independence that you can never quite attain on claustrophobic city streets. Just the same, there are frequent moments when you start to miss the usefulness of technology. An unusual bird lights down on your mast, and you wonder Streamyx species it is. Or you try to remember how to tie streamyx penang of the knots you learned in Boy Scouts, and it drives you crazy because it won't come back to you. You find yourself wishing that you had internet access from your boat.

Satellite internet has made this a real possibility. Even miles out into the ocean you can quickly connect. Sailors guide themselves by the stars above, and as long you can see the sky, you are in the line of sight of your satellite provider. The only possible drawbacks are that the latency means that you probably won't want to use it for direct communication and videoconferencing, and the inherent susceptibility of satellites to bad weather means you shouldn't look up advice on what to do in a storm once it's already storming.

If you are accustomed to dial-up internet at home and you are concerned about adjusting to satellite internet broadband - well, your fears might streamyx wikipedia grounded. You will get so spoiled by the speed and quality that you'll either never want to come ashore or you'll wind up installing satellite access for your home computers as well! The point is, you certainly won't be sacrificing any quality by using satellite rather than dial-up. A file that takes more than a minute to download using a Streamyx dial-up takes less than a second to download via satellite.

Internet can have some real and important advantages when you are on the water. Before long it may become just as essential to you as any of the other technological equipment you keep on board to help you operate your boat. You can look up navigational charts and plot your next routes. You can stay abreast of the latest weather reports. And - why not - you can even research the art of mixing the perfect martini to sip on while you enjoy the wind and the waves. The uses are as vast and varied as the web itself.

The mobility of your internet boat system includes the mobility to take it on or off your boat. If your boat spends long periods alone in a marina, you should be wary of leaving too much expensive equipment aboard. But a mobile satellite internet system is like carrying a small suitcase. Wherever your wanderlust may take you, you can go there connected to the world wide web.

Sometimes we just want to get away from it all and escape to the wild waters, but you don't have to leave technology behind to do so. Stay connected throughout the seven seas using satellite internet.

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