Monday, April 27, 2009

Get the Best Out of Your IPhone

Apple iPhone 3G has taken Streamyx world by storm and Streamyx Streamyx wave of excitement hasn't yet died down, many users want to get the best out of their phones. There are many tips and tricks through which you can increase the productivity of your phones.

The 1st tip is the use of dotcom key. The iPhone helps to type .com very easily while typing a web address. This really helps to save a lot of time but the ultimate time saver is when you click on the .com button a little longer, you would get a pop up list of alternative domains like .edu, .net and .org to select from while typing a web address. Another time saver is by tapping twice on the spacebar, you can quickly enter a full stop.

The 2nd tip is keyboard related productivity that can be derived from your Apple iPhone 3G. You can change a small letter to a capital letter by holding on to the shift key and then sliding your finger on the letter that needs to be changed. The phone also has a CAPS LOCK key which can be set by configuring your handset. In the phone menu, go to settings /general /keyboard and enable the caps lock function. To use this shortcut you have to double tap the shift key and the caps lock function would be active.

The 3rd tip would be to save the most important part of your Apple iPhone 3G - the battery life. Apple iPhone 3G can really be power hungry due to so many added gizmos functionalities that run simultaneously. You can add more life to your battery by temporary turning off the 3G connection when you are not using it and revert to EDGE (2G) or GPRS connection. You can also outsmart your Apple iPhone 3G by fooling the handset's ambient light sensor that is located above the earpiece which uses less power by reducing the display light of the screen when Streamyx in a dark environment. All you need to do is hold your finger over the ambient display light and save some more of your phone's battery.

The 4th tip is if you want a bigger keyboard, all you need to do is flip the phone into a horizontal position and tap the Safari browser Streamyx bar before you begin browsing and you would have a wider keyboard. In case while using your phone, any application gets frozen then you can simply press and hold the Home button for approximately 6 seconds and the application would close.

The 5th tip would be, if you want to change the language to French or German or you want to type some text in foreign words, you just need to hold and slide your finger on the letter key and a list of accented alternatives would appear.

Although you might find these tips in the manual but not many of us have the time to go through the entire manual and miss out on most of the tips and tricks that can help us use our Apple iPhone 3G more efficiently. Hope these tips would help you use your phones easily and efficiently.

DARPA Wants Computer Simulation Of Human Brain

Trust DARPA to come up with impossible requests - they have just come up with a demand for an accurate computer simulation of a living humanoid brain. As for the purpose of this accurate simulator, it remains to be seen whether DARPA will use it for benign or sinister purposes. This new initiative has been dubbed Reorganization and Plasticity to Accelerate Injury Recovery streamyx promo - don't you just love military acronyms? DARPA claims it is all about "understanding how neural-based sensory tm streamyx combo could be applied to accelerate recovery from brain injury". In fact, in DARPA's terms, this is what they want in the excerpt below.

Creation of an in silico [in a computer, that is, not a bubbling jar with an actual brain in streamyx broadband connection bio-computationally accurate model based on collection of multi-region, multi-scale neural activity in a non-human primate performing a complex dexterous task... constructed in such a manner as to allow for analysis of performance metrics, such as, time to target or targets, assessment of accuracy, control of simultaneous degrees of freedom, and learning time for task acquisition...It is expected that the bio computational model employ appropriately sophisticated mathematical analysis to capture the complexity of parallel processing, inter-neural activity, and plastic adaptation within the brain.

Good luck to the team trying to develop something as complex as the human brain! We don't think it is possible with current technology though, so it might take a couple of generations before a breakthrough is achieved.

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