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Enjoy internet translation 360 Live

Writen by Robbie Darmona

Xbox 360 now gives its jalan malaysia the opportunity to communicate with each internet security software live using the extra feature Xbox Live. Become an Xbox Live Member! In the Xbox 360 package is included that Xbox Live members have the ability to chat with each ...

A lot broadband isp providers people got new PSPs today but many of them do not know how to put network configuration subscribe cable PSP. Im not a category: internet service and access providers expert but Ive spend some time researching how to put movies on psp. I will isp adsl how in this short article.

The first thing prepaid internet need to know is the PSP can only play MP4 video files. So if you download or rip any other file formats such as AVI, MOV or DIVX etc, you need a software to convert these files to MP4.

I use Imtoo PSP video converter but you could use other psp video software converters as well.

Most psp video converters will allows conversion to MP4. You might also want to make the setting are as followed

Video size: either 368x206 or 320x240 due to screen resolution of PSP

Video Bit rate : 384, 512, 768 Kbps

Frame rate : at least 29 frames per second

Audio Sample Rate : 24 Khz

Audio bit rate : 64, 96, 128 160 Kbps

These settings will ensure the converted movie file can play smoothly on your PSP.

Once you have done that, the next step is to put the converted movie on your PSP.

You need to connect your PSP to your computer via the PSP streamyx announcement transfer cable.

If you are using the Imtool PSP video converter, click on tools and then psp video manager.

Then click on browse to select the mp4 files you want to copy and click on move to transfer it to your PSP. Thats it. Its that simple.

Ive not used other PSP video converter software but they should work in the same way. As you can see, its not that difficult to put movies on PSP.

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